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N I C K Y  W I L K E 


  • High School Crush: David Suzuki
  • Vegan For The Animals (Obvs)
  • 90s Hip Hop Head
  • Expert Dog Cuddler 
  •  Enjoys lifting heavy weights
  • Conversational Mandarin Speaker
  • Script Writer

Wilke Walks was born out of Nicky’s love for dogs and wanting to improve their lives on a micro and macro level. Nicky was inspired to launch Wilke Walks after adopting her own dog with anxiety and reactivity in 2015 from the SPCA and was hard pressed to find any ethical services tailored to reactive dogs. Charlie is an energetic German Shepard & Husky mix, her inspiration and partner in crime. With all her previous years of dog care experience,  she was certain she knew everything there was to know about dogs. Soon after adopting Charlie, she realized she had a lot to learn. And so she began her journey of training and education to live her mission of helping dogs thrive. 

V A L U E S 


We believe in leading by example. 

We believe in providing care for your dogs the same way we would provide care for our own dogs. Practicing force-free science based methods.


We believe in supporting, educating and empowering those caring and living with reactive dogs, and non reactive dogs alike.


We believe in providing the highest quality of service available by being committed to ongoing training & education.  Our level of care & attention is unparalleled.


We are committed to creating new and innovative products and services for all your dogs’ needs, including the handmade, locally produced,Wilke Plays enrichment line.

Animal Advocacy

We are committed to being a voice for the wellbeing of animals. We believe in force-free science-based training and advocate against the use of choke chains, shock collars, and other aversives. 


At our heart, Wilke Walks is all about creating a fun, loving, positive experience for our dogs. 


Founder of Wilke Walks, Nicky Wilke, is committed to ongoing training & education.

  • Certified professional dog trainer CPDT-KA 2022 
  • Certified Family Dog Mediator - L.E.G.S Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Professional Course 2023
  • Mantrailing Global Certified Instructor - *In The Works 2023
  • Scent Work Game Instructor *In The Works 2023  
  • Certificate in Master Course - Aggression in Dogs 2023
  • Puppy Start Right for Instructors Course 2021
  • Supporting Member of IAABC International Association Of Animal Behaviour Consultants.
  • Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid certification 
  • Safety and Defensive Handling with Aggressive Dogs Course by IAABC 2018
  • Member of the Pet Professional Guild (Association of Force-Free Pet Professionals)
  • Level 1 of Dog Knowledge Certification course by Bravo Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting 2018
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